Mobile Carrier Resources

Cyber Economics: Validating DDoS Managed Service Delivery Models

This paper outlines a flexible and comprehensive model designed to quantify the financial and business cases of DDoS managed services and provides a detailed overview of returns for service providers that commercially deploy the service.

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Radware's carrer solutions transforms carrier networks into service aware networks, delivering the visibility and control needed to effectively manage IP services for wireline and mobile operators.

ADC-VX is the industry's first application delivery controller (ADC) hypervisor. Designed from the ground up, it enables organizations to consolidate ADC hardware devices without compromising resiliency or performance predictability of  ADC services.

This brochure details how Radware DPI/DFI capabilities transform carrier networks into service aware networks delivering 'in the cloud' Layer 4-7 visibility and control to support premium internet and walled garden business models.

Radware's MSS lets carriers deliver high-performance, network based, managed IPS/DoS/DDoS and content inspection as a VAS for enterprises, online business and residential customers.