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Cyber Economics: Validating DDoS Managed Service Delivery Models

This paper outlines a flexible and comprehensive model designed to quantify the financial and business cases of DDoS managed services and provides a detailed overview of returns for service providers that commercially deploy the service.

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This guide reviews the three primary security threats targeting 5G MEC networks and steps service providers can take to safeguard them.

This ebook outlines the new DDoS threats targeting service providers and telecommunication companies as they deploy new network services and cybersecurity capabilities needed to stop them.

This guide outlines the 4 primary 5G network security threats targeting service providers and 5 security capabilities essential to stopping them

With DDoS attack volume and intensity increasing, mid-market service providers have limited resources available to protect themselves. This guide explains the five key challenges they must overcome to keep their businesses secure and customers happy.

Mobile service providers can establish a competitive advantage by creating a secure environment that protects customers’ data and devices, building superior trust with their users in comparison to other service providers.