• Service Provider Solutions

    Radware solutions for service providers transform carrier networks into more service-aware, cost-effective networks by delivering visibility, optimization, resilience, scalability, security and control to effectively manage IP services for Telecom Providers, Cable Multiple Systems Operators (MSOs), and Cloud Providers.

    Radware's DDoS attack prevention and attack mitigation architecture is a multi-tiered security architecture that includes:


    Robust security data collection from multiple sources including NetFlow (via Radware Flow Collector or third party), OpenFlow and Open Daylight network elements, Radware's attack mitigation products, and third party devices & tools


    Unmatched attack detection quality and precision through patent-protected behavioral-based detection technology by DefensePro and DefenseFlow


    Highest capacity, most advanced attack mitigation in the market by DefensePro attack mitigation device, DefensePipe DDoS scrubbing service and Peak Protection

    Operations & Automation

    Smart attack mitigation command & control via DefenseFlow which enables automation of the network in a non-intrusive, cost efficient solution

    Radware's attack mitigation architecture is inherently flexible and extensible—providing a point of entry that can be tailored to the need of each service provider and its customers. Radware's service provider solutions are tailored to the following customers:

    In addition to integrating multi-tenant management through a centralized management system, the architecture delivers the highest-quality, most accurate detection and mitigation for large-scale environments—covering both network and application attacks with no inline hardware required. By creating a self-defending network that requires no manual intervention, this architecture also helps minimize operating expenses.

    In thinking of how this attack mitigation architecture could benefit you, consider the following:

    • Are you able to detect DDoS attacks no matter where they are within your infrastructure? Does your detection solution treat all attacks equally, or are you able to determine the location and nature of attacks for more targeted mitigation?
    • Can you detect attacks at Layers 2 through 7, or is your current NetFlow-based detection limited to Layers 2 and 3?
    • Are you able to mitigate attacks where it makes the most sense—moving mitigation to a scrubbing center only when truly necessary?
    • How would automated intelligence help improve the speed and effectiveness of detection and mitigation?
    • How quickly and effectively are you able to restore service following an attack? With more precise insights into the location and nature of the attack—and automated signaling to move mitigation across devices—how could you improve mitigation and restoration?
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