VoIP Optimization
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A strategic plan implemented as part of an organization's IT infrastructure in order to maximize the efficiency of its Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services. Addresses technical needs and necessary security measures to provide a high level of availability, call completion and overall VoIP network performance.

Many companies today are using VoIP services to handle both voice and video communications, thus consolidating the data transfer process. Working as a part of a company's complete business network, VoIP services need to function as efficiently as possible in order to significantly impact OPEX/CAPEX savings. With the use of an intelligent VoIP optimization strategy, organizations can provide availability, uninterrupted connectivity and improved performance to the entire system. Effective optimization solutions closely monitor the health of a VoIP service in order to provide high-quality VoIP sessions and help maximize response times for all VoIP connections. In addition, companies need to protect their networks from potential threats that could hinder VoIP services or render them completely inoperable. Optimization efforts need to supply security measures that detect and prevent attacks before they have a negative impact on network functionality. Through both operational enhancements and preventative defense initiatives, business can optimize the way VoIP services are utilized.