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Contestants launch nearly 39,000 attacks in Radware Hacker's Challenge competition

The first-ever U.S.-based Radware Hacker's Challenge took place in New York City last week, daring pentesters, bug bounty hunters, and other security pros to launch attacks on a simulated network and website in a head-to-head race against the clock.

Small Businesses Are Cybercrime Targets

One of the biggest myths about cyber attacks is that they only happen to large companies. Sure, larger organizations get more than their fair share of headlines. Whether it's stolen user data, ransomware shutdowns, or DDoS attacks that cut off access to some of the Internet's most popular sites, larger organizations' inability to respond to cyber threats is big news.

#OpIsrael attacks feared in response to U.S. moving embassy to Jerusalem

Anti-American and anti-Israeli factions of the Anonymous collective recently declared that they would be launching attacks against any and all websites deemed to be Israeli- or U.S.-government affiliated in their latest #OpIsrael campaign.

Cyber Security Predictions

2016 was the Year of DDoS. 2017 was the Year of Ransom. Can we assess leading indicators of new attack techniques and motivations to predict what 2018 will bring? The answer is a resounding “yes.” We believe 2018 will be the Year of Automation—or, more precisely, big, bad attacks on automated technology processes. Here are four reasons why.

BrickerBot creators announce retirement from active operations

The individual, or people, behind the BrickerBot malware attacks have decided to hang up their mouse and keyboard after claiming to have locked more than 10 million supposedly unsecure Internet of Things devices.

Four Tips for Closing AI Security Holes

Artificial intelligence is finally moving beyond the pages of science fiction. This is causing a range of emotions among those who follow the technology, from excitement to concern.

Five tech jobs that AI and automation will make radically more efficient

The robot revolution has undoubtedly begun, but the jury is still out on exactly how many jobs will be lost to the machines, and how long it will take to happen. In the meantime, though, artificial intelligence (AI) is already impacting jobs in a variety of industries, changing the way a lot of work is getting done.

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