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SSL/TLS establish an encrypted link which allows sensitive data to be securely transmitted over the internet. Unfortunately, encryption also creates blind spots for IT teams who are unable to inspect traffic for malicious content. In addition, attackers can use encrypted attacks to gain unauthorized access to networks and deliver malware to unsuspecting users.


Cisco SSLi Bundles

Cisco SSLi Bundles combine Radware Alteon SSL acceleration with Cisco Secure Firewall and/or Web Security Appliance (WSA) to offer a highly scalable solution for SSL traffic inspection. The solution provides visibility into encrypted outbound traffic with minimal latency and reduces overall security costs by offloading SSLi functions to purpose-built devices. Each bundle uses a front and a backend Alteon in a “sandwich” configuration for high availability (HA) and scaling of SSL inspection beyond current limits.

Firepower with Alteon SSLi acceleration for inspection of outbound encrypted traffic

Eliminate Security Blindspots & Accelerate Application Performance

Visibility into Encrypted Traffic

  • Real time visibility into encrypted traffic
  • Eliminates security blind spots

High-Volume SSL Traffic Inspection

  • Highest capacity ECC processing of SSL traffic to over 200 Gbps

Increased Availability & Performance

  • Optimizes availability and performance with SSLi load balancing and offloading
  • Minimal added latency

Selective Traffic Inspection Bypass

  • Ability to bypass data that should not be decrypted for privacy reasons
  • Helps meet confidentiality & compliance mandates

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This document provides an overview of how the joint Radware/Cisco application delivery controller provides visibility into encrypted traffic to increase application availability and performance.

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Cisco Secure ADC: Alteon® Application Delivery Controller (ADC) Data Sheet

This datasheet provides an overview of the joint Radware/Cisco application delivery controller.

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Cisco Secure ADC: Alteon® D-Line Technical Specifications

Technical specifications for the Alteon application delivery controller.

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