SecureX Integration with Cloud DDoS Protection & Cloud WAF Service


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Cisco and Radware have collaborated to provide visibility into Cloud DDoS and Cloud WAF from SecureX. This integration provides visibility into Cloud DDoS and Cloud WAF from the SecureX platform and provides a single interface for the security team to perform threat hunting, research and automation across their install base.


SecureX Integration with Cloud DDoS/WAF

The SecureX integration with Cloud DDoS/WAF gives security professionals increased visibility into application attack events generated by Cloud DDoS and WAF presented side-by-side with threat intelligence from Cisco security devices and third-party security solutions. Researchers can use this information to analyze and correlate threat intelligence to gain insights through Cisco TALOS threat intelligence and rapidly mitigate threats.

Security events presented side-by-side with threat intel

Cloud DDoS and Cloud WAF integration with SecureX to provides:

Visibility into Radware’s Cloud DDoS and Cloud WAF platforms within SecureX Threat Response via a single interface

Security events presented side-by-side with intelligence data generated by Cisco (and third party) security solution

Allows threat researchers to correlate threat data to gain insights and quickly mitigate threats

No additional software needed – Integration does not depend on customer-maintained middleware


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For more information about Cloud DDoS and Cloud WAF integratiion with SecureX, please contact your Cisco sales representative or contact us directly.

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