Account Takeover

Protect against Account Takeover with Radware Bot Manager

Secure web portals, mobile applications, and APIs from account takeover and intrusion

Account Takeover is a Persistent and Damaging Threat That Can be Prevented

Account takeover (ATO) is the act of using bots to take over a user account without permission from the account owner. When an account is compromised by a bad actor, it can be abused in a range of ways to extract confidential business or user data, commit financial crime and fraud, spread disinformation, and carry out other nefarious activities.

Though any industry can be targeted, ATO attacks predominantly impact firms engaged in e-commerce, banking and financial services, payments, gaming, social media, as well as travel and hospitality, due to the opportunities for financial fraud and data exfiltration they present to attackers.

We onboarded Bot Manager in the midst of our peak season, and saw immediate results/benefits. Our customer’s experience are our top priority. By working with Radware we are able to better secure and improve the shopping experience

Daniel Padevet
Head of Web & IT Operations Team,

How Radware Bot Manager Prevents ATO Attacks

Intent-Based Deep Behavior Analysis

Radware’s bot detection engine leverages our patented Intent-based Deep Behavior Analysis (IDBA) and semi-supervised machine learning techniques, device fingerprinting, user behavior modelling, and collective bot intelligence techniques for extremely accurate bot detection and minimal false positives

Intent-Based Deep Behavior Analysis


With endpoints across the globe and expertise in processing enormous volumes of data in real-time, Radware Bot Manager has minimal latency to ensure the fastest bot detection and page loads to ensure a great user experience.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Radware Bot Manager’s dashboard offers a transparent classification of invalid traffic and provides you with comprehensive insights into bot traffic on your applications. You can track automated activity based on user agents, geos, referrers, and page attacked. Advanced analytics reveals deeper understanding into specific characteristics of the malicious traffic.

Comprehensive Dashboard
Integration Options to Suit Any Infrastructure

Integration Options to Suit Any Infrastructure

Plugins: Web Server/ CDN/ Load Balancer/ JavaScript
API Connectors: PHP, Java, .Net
SDKs: Android and iOS
Virtual Appliance
DNS redirection
And more

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Types Of ATO Attacks We Mitigate

  • This technique leverages bots to attempt large-scale log-ins to verify lists of usernames and passwords as well as payment card data.

  • Attackers buy or trade lists of log-in credentials from underground or dark web sites that specialize in publishing or selling lists of breached or leaked log-in credentials.

  • Because many internet users tend to reuse the same password across many websites, attackers can test compromised passwords across multiple websites and apps to break into them with one set of log-in credentials.

  • Also referred to as a ‘brute force’ attack, credential cracking uses bots to guess or ‘crack’ valid log-in credentials on a website or application.

  • Bots sequentially enter random values for usernames and/ or passwords on log-in forms to try to guess the right credentials.

  • After valid log-in credentials are identified through brute forcing, they can be abused to commit ATO attacks or sold on dark web sites to other cybercriminals.


Preventing Account Takeover Is Very Important

Stolen Confidential Data

An account compromised by a bad actor can be abused in a range of ways to extract confidential business or user data, commit financial crime and fraud, spread disinformation, and carry out other nefarious activities.

Damaged Brand Reputation and Trust

ATO can result in lawsuits, chargebacks, compensation claims, lost customers, and decline in growth and revenue.

Financial and Data Losses

ATO is a significant attack vector used to exfiltrate confidential business and consumer data that can be sold or leveraged to carry out fraud, espionage, misinformation, and a range of harmful attacks.

Strain on Resources

ATO attacks and their resolution can cost an enterprise thousands of wasted hours per month, putting unnecessary strain on customer service, fraud investigation, and legal and compliance departments.


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