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Protect Your Reputation and Increase Revenue by Preventing Ad Fraud

The Impact of Digital Ad Fraud

The programmatic digital advertising ecosystem, which is highly automated, provides many opportunities for fraudsters to carry out ad fraud to cheat publishers, advertisers, and ad-tech intermediaries. Digital advertising fraud is the intentional falsification or obfuscation of the engagement on an ad, most often involving the use of bots to repeatedly click on ads, which ends up being wasted expenditure for the advertiser, and harms the reputation of the publishing website.

Publishers and advertisers can greatly benefit by deploying Radware Bot Manager to ensure that advertisements are reaching genuine viewers and are protected against ad fraud.

“We made a strategic move to partner with Radware Bot Manager and deployed their bot mitigation solution. We’re glad to report that bot traffic on our ad network reduced dramatically and is down to negligible levels.”

– CEO,
Singapore’s leading ad network.

How Radware Bot Manager Prevents Ad Fraud

Intent-Based Deep Behavior Analysis

Bot Manager prevents ad fraud and other types of bot attacks by leveraging our patented Intent-based Deep Behavior Analysis (IDBA) technology along with fingerprinting techniques and collective bot intelligence data to understand user intent and accurately filter non-human traffic.

Challenge-Response Authentication

Challenge-Response Authentication of Suspicious Visitors

Unlike most ad verification vendors, Bot Manager applies challenge-response authentication and serves CAPTCHAs to visitors with a high-risk score. Responses to these challenges help build a closed-loop feedback system that dynamically improves machine-learning models and assist in minimizing false positives down to negligible values.

Comprehensive Bot Detection

Bot Manager’s combination of device and browser fingerprinting, behavioral modelling, and dynamic Turing tests block all bots, not only those programmed to carry out ad fraud. Our JavaScript tag collects over 250 parameters for analysis to ensure accurate bot detection with minimal false positives. Our deep learning system analyzes multiple data streams including mouse movements, keystrokes, and URL traversal patterns to ensure ads are only served to genuine users.

Comprehensive Bot Detection
Unparalleled Visibility and Control

Unparalleled Visibility and Control

Bot Manager’s dashboard offers a transparent classification of invalid traffic and provides you with comprehensive insights into bot traffic on your web applications. You can track automated activity based on user agents, geos, referrers and page attacked. Advanced analytics reveals deeper understanding into specific characteristics of the malicious traffic.

Singapore Ad Network Improves Quality of Inventory With Bot Manager

This company suffered from fake impressions and clicks due to malicious bots

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How Radware Bot Manager Benefits Publishers and Advertisers

Real-Time Pre-Bid Filtering of Invalid Traffic

Real-Time Pre-Bid Filtering of Invalid Traffic

Bot Manager brings down non-human traffic and ad fraud to negligible values and helps publishers exceed industry benchmarks for high-quality ad inventory.

Increased Ad Revenue

Increased Ad Revenue

Eliminating ad fraud upgrades your reputation as a premium publisher with genuine, high-quality traffic, earning you greater revenue.

Improve Click-Through Rate

Improve Click-Through Rate

When advertisers know that your website or application is protected against bots, they are assured that your CTR statistics reflect genuine impressions and are not artificially inflated by bots clicking on them.

Command Premium Pricing

Command Premium Pricing

Blocking ad fraud helps publishers charge premium pricing on their inventory, as ads will only be shown to real visitors. In addition, Bot Manager provides detailed classification of traffic in viewability reports, enabling publishers and ad networks effectively negotiate with advertisers.

Types Of Online Ad Fraud Mitigated by Radware Bot Manager

Bot Manager prevents Sophisticated Invalid Traffic(SIVT) from carrying out:

  • App spoofing

  • Domain spoofing

  • Ad injection

  • Ad stacking

  • Pixel stuffing

  • Hidden ads

Bot Manager prevents SIVT from executing:

  • Conversion fraud through lead bots and lead farms

  • Re-targeting fraud

  • Affiliate fraud

  • Cookie stuffing

  • URL Hijacking

  • Malware & Adware

  • Install fraud

Bot Manager prevents click fraud by ensuring that only genuine clicks generated on real users’ devices can reach your attribution tool, preventing the initiation of fraudulent clicks.

Radware checks if impression information is received from legitimate devices within correctly targeted regions and platforms, making sure that your ads are only shown to real users.


Why Preventing Digital Ad Fraud Is Crucial for Publishers and Advertisers

Reduced ROI from Inflated Impressions/ Clicks

Automated traffic produces fake impressions and adversely impacts CTR (click-through rate). Bots undermine publishers’ efforts to help advertisers run successful ad campaigns.

Adverse Reputation as a Publisher

Digital ad fraud affects both advertisers and publishers on whose platforms ads are shown. Ad fraud strains relationships between these parties and result in lost customers and decline in growth and revenue.

Financial Losses

Non-human traffic on your website strains ad servers resources and can lead to publishers being blacklisted. The poor quality of traffic weakens a publisher’s ability to charge premium prices on ad inventory and causes revenue loss.

Strain on Infrastructure

Ad fraud activity strains both advertising and web servers, resulting in waste of resources and greater vulnerability of other types of bot attacks.


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