Prevent Ticket & Product Scalping in real-time with Radware Bot Manager

Enhance Product Availability, User Experience, and Customer Satisfaction

The Impact of Scalping

Scalpers use bots that can scan multiple websites and quickly buy quantities of limited supply/ highly desired products before regular consumers have a chance to log in and make their purchases. Though scalpers used to primarily target sellers of sneakers and gaming consoles, today, many other product sold online in limited volumes is potentially vulnerable to being scalped and being resold for a profit on the secondary market.

Scalpers impact customer satisfaction and loyalty as their activities make popular products unavailable to genuine shoppers, slow down web resources, and lead to a highly distorted market.

We onboarded Bot Manager in the midst of our peak season, and saw immediate results/benefits. Our customer’s experience are our top priority. By working with Radware we are able to better secure and improve the shopping experience

Daniel Padevet
Head of Web & IT Operations Team,

How Radware Bot Manager Prevents Scalping Attacks

Intent-Based Deep Behavior Analysis

Scalper bots trying to quickly buy products in high demand are detected and stopped by Radware’s bot detection engine. Our patented Intent-based Deep Behavior Analysis (IDBA) technology works in concert with semi-supervised machine learning techniques, fingerprinting, user behavior modelling, and collective bot intelligence data feeds for extremely accurate bot detection and minimal false positives.

Intent-Based Deep Behavior Analysis
Comprehensive Bot Detection

Comprehensive Bot Detection

Radware Bot Manager leverages device and browser fingerprinting, behavioral modelling, and dynamic Turing tests to block scalping and other unauthorized activities.

Our JavaScript tag collects over 250 parameters for analysis to ensure accurate bot detection with minimal false positives for a superior user experience.

Immediate Response Engine

Bot Manager’s immediate response engine responds to a suspected visitor as soon as it detects non-human activity. Powered by deterministic and machine learning modules, the Immediate Response Engine works in collaboration with Bot Manager’s machine learning and deterministic engines to immediately respond to potential threats and prevent malicious activities from the outset.

Comprehensive Dashboard

The Types of Scalping Fraud We Mitigate

Hackers deploy bots to buy limited-supply tickets to events and shows and resell them for a large profit. Similarly, tickets for airlines and other modes of travel are regularly snapped up by scalpers using the speed of bots, which they then resell for a large markup.

With many fashion products, gaming consoles, graphics chips and other limited-availability products regularly being launched for sale online, scalpers use bots to quickly buy goods before most consumers can get a chance to buy them. These scalped products are then quickly resold at a high profit, leaving consumers frustrated.

The Impact of Ticket & Product Scalping Attacks on your Organization

Loss of Brand Reputation and Loyalty

When consumers are regularly unable to buy desired products and services that were snapped up by scalpers, enterprises end up losing valuable customers as well as their loyalty.

Poor User Experience

Scalper bot traffic can slow down websites and applications, creating a poor customer experience and loss of revenue. Blocking scalper bots not only helps create a better user experience, but also leads to greater repeat business from satisfied customers.


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