Skewed Analytics

Eliminate Skewed Analytics with Radware Bot Manager

Get Accurate Traffic Analytics and Campaign Metrics to Strategize for Growth


Skewed Analytics

Skewed analytics are caused by high volumes of bot traffic on websites and applications, which distort visitor metrics and look-to-book ratios, hinder funnel analysis, and inhibit KPI tracking. Having accurate analytics data that is uncontaminated by bot traffic helps marketing and operational teams optimize marketing budgets and make the best decisions to plan their growth.

Skewing directly impacts every vertical, including gaming, media, healthcare, travel, BFSI, as accurate metrics are essential to optimal decision making.

“Bot traffic to our marketplace significantly skewed our BI data, which hindered our marketing strategy. With Radware Bot Manager, we were able to get high quality traffic data which gave us a deeper understanding of user behavior and navigation to better inform our overall product strategy.”

Ron Timoshenko
Director of Architecture, ConsumerAffairs

How Radware Bot Manager Prevents Skewed Analytics

Intent-Based Deep Behavior Analysis

To prevent skewed analytics resulting from bot traffic, Bot Manager’s detection engine combines our patented Intent-based Deep Behavior Analysis (IDBA) and semi-supervised machine learning techniques with fingerprinting, user behavior modelling, and collective bot intelligence techniques for extremely accurate, real-time bot detection.

Intent-Based Deep Behavior Analysis

Comprehensive Bot Detection

Radware Bot Manager leverages device and browser fingerprinting, behavioral modeling, and dynamic Turing tests to block bots. Our JavaScript tag collects over 250 parameters for analysis to ensure accurate bot detection with minimal false positives for a frictionless user experience.

Compatible with Leading SIEM & Analytics Tools

Bot Manager works seamlessly with your existing SIEM solutions as well as leading analytics tools from Google, Adobe, and others. Get detailed classification of your traffic, filter out invalid traffic, and comprehensive insights into bot traffic on your web applications. You can track automated activity based on user agents, geos, referrers, and page attacked. Advanced analytics reveals deeper understanding into specific characteristics of the malicious traffic.

Comprehensive Dashboard

ConsumerAffairs Enhances BI Data Quality With Radware Bot Manager

This online marketplace overcame bots distorting data and hindering marketing strategies

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Why Preventing Skewed Analytics is Crucial for Enterprises

Decline In Conversions

Decline In Conversions and Inefficiency in Marketing Campaigns

Bot traffic leads to spikes in metrics like page visits, duration, form spam, inflated attribution reports and distorted referral and acquisition metrics. Invalid activity impacts conversion rates and other revenue metrics such as the look-to-book ratio.

Your Digital Assets

Reduced Campaign ROI

Skewed analytics due to bot traffic can lead to misdirected ad spends and reduced overall ROI. With the right traffic data, campaign spending can be targeted much more accurately and in turn lead to better results.

Strain on Website and Application Resources

Strain on Website and Application Resources

HTTP requests due to bot activities increase overall strain on website and application infrastructure. Unchecked bot traffic potentially invites other types of malicious activities on your digital touchpoints

A Smooth Migration to the Cloud

Misleading User Engagement and Retention Metrics

Inaccurate web analytics data from bot traffic makes it significantly more difficult to analyze the behavior of visitors on your website and application. Decisions made based on wrong data could end up unknowingly conceding a slew of advantages to your competitors.


The Benefits of Preventing Skewed Analytics

Eliminate Skewing of Product and Growth Metrics

Precise traffic data gives enterprises reliable, insightful information that consistently reflects actual visitor trends and provides feedback into the efficacy of different strategies.

Better Strategy and Decision Making

Accurate data on visitor traffic and its composition helps marketing and strategic teams create better plans and strategize for growth.

Optimize Marketing Spends

Marketing expenditure can be greatly optimized by knowing where your traffic is coming from, as well as its composition and engagement on your website or application.


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