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Web Scraping Undermines Your Content and Marketing Strategies

Web scraping is a constant problem for media enterprises that develop proprietary or paid content, e-commerce firms, travel and airline agencies, classified ad listings, and any organization that publishes time-sensitive or otherwise hard-to-obtain (hence valuable) information that can be copied by scrapers.

Scraping hurts your search engine rankings, reduces your revenue from premium content, undercuts your marketing strategies, and often impacts the user experience by straining your website infrastructure and associated APIs.

“Together with Radware Bot Manager, we made our website a much safer environment for our users and their data, further branding Njuskalo.hr as a place to go for buying and selling online.”

Boris Nađ
Technical Operations Manager,
Njuskalo, Croatia’s No. 1 Marketplace

How Radware Bot Manager Detect and Prevent Web Scraping Bots

Intent-Based Deep Behavior Analysis

Radware’s bot detection engine leverages our patented Intent-based Deep Behavior Analysis (IDBA) and semi-supervised machine learning techniques, device fingerprinting, user behavior modelling, and collective bot intelligence techniques for extremely accurate bot detection and minimal false positives.

Intent-Based Deep Behavior Analysis

Comprehensive Bot Detection

Radware Bot Manager leverages device and browser fingerprinting, behavioral modelling, and dynamic Turing tests to block scraper bots.

Our JavaScript tag collects over 250 parameters for analysis to ensure accurate bot detection with minimal false positives.

Dedicated API protection

Scrapers and competitors exploit vulnerable APIs with bots to steal sensitive data. Radware Bot Manager uses dedicated ML with proprietary models such as API flow control, Authentication Flow, IDBA and Invocation context to accurately detect and block bad API calls.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Europe’s Leading Legal Information Portal Uses Bot Manager To Secure Website Content

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Bot Manager Mitigates Every Form of Web Scraping

Price scraping is the process of using bots for competitive price monitoring and tracking other information related to price intelligence from e-commerce, retail, and travel sites. Competitors regularly scrape websites to try to win customers by quickly matching or beating their dynamic pricing strategies, which can impact the competitive advantage and revenue of enterprises.

Radware Bot Manager enables enterprises to feed fake pricing data to scraper bots, helping protect pricing information from competitors.

Digital media websites featuring news, blogs, reviews, educational and research material are among the main targets of content scraping. Content scraping impacts revenue in several ways when premium content is stolen and republished on copycat sites.

Scraping also undermines the SEO efforts of original content producers. If original content is not indexed by search engine crawlers before it is scraped and duplicated elsewhere, its organic reach will be reduced.

Content scraping can also negatively impact engagement and potentially hurt subscription and ad revenue. Web scraping also leads to skewed website and app analytics that hinder planning and marketing strategies.

Competitors and copycat operations are known to regularly scrape ad listings from sites hosting classified ads, real estate listings, and portals that allow buyers and sellers to interact.

Ad scraping leads to website owners being denied from earning commissions and listing fees for sales through their website. Ad scraping also hurts the credibility and efficacy of the ad listing site, which reduces user engagement on online marketplaces.

Scrapers abuse websites and apps operated by airlines, OTAs, cruise lines, hotel chains and car rental agencies by querying prices and other information through the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) service to avoid paying GDS query fees. This results in higher fees and infrastructure costs for genuine operators due to excessive volumes of queries.

Scrapers also copy data such as hotel and cruise line descriptions, photos, and reviews from users, which can affect bookings and negatively impact SEO due to duplicate content.


Preventing Web Scraping Is Crucial for Every Organization

Protect Your Pricing Strategy

Your pricing strategies influence your consumers’ buying decisions, customer acquisition, and ultimately your revenue. When competitors and unauthorized parties scrape your prices and other content including inventory and product information, they can weaken your competitive advantage.

Plagiarized Content

Scrapers and competitor bots get an unfair advantage using your original content. When your proprietary content is scraped and quickly published elsewhere, genuine traffic to your website can be affected and may affect your revenue.

Skewed Analytics

Bots affect businesses by not only scraping prices but also by skewing web analytics with their high volumes. They crawl through vast numbers of product pages, artificially boosting page-view statistics, and hinder marketing and operational teams from making the best decisions and plans.

Cart Abandonment

During sales and peak shopping periods, scraper bots can add hundreds of products to shopping carts only to abandon them. These shopping carts never convert into sales, and only end up reducing inventory levels and make popular products unavailable to real buyers, who may choose to shop elsewhere.

Distorted Analytics

Bots visiting a website can generate fake page views. This distorts web analytics and makes it difficult for marketing and planning teams from making the best decisions based on accurate visitor data.

Loss in SEO Ranking

When web content is illegally duplicated on a scraper’s website or app, it can even outrank the original content and thus lower its rankings on search engines, reducing its visibility to consumers.


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