SSL Acceleration

Dependable SSL Offloading

Designed to bear some of the burden that SSL processing can place on the main web server, an SSL accelerator allows for the acceleration or offloading of SSL functions, freeing bandwidth and improving server performance. By performing a portion (or most) of the SSL encryption processing, an SSL accelerator increases network performance optimization, and improves server response times due to reduced stress on bandwidth and server resources.

The alleviation of a portion of the intensive-processing that accompanies the encryption, authentication, and verification of SSL certificates, makes the integration of an SSL accelerator an important part of secure and efficient web communication.

SSL Acceleration: An Important Addition

The initial stages of an SSL translation involve the determination of secure communication, initiation of the "SSL handshake" where the secure communication begins, and finally the SSL encryption process where client and server certificates are exchanged, partners are authenticated, and a secure channel of communication is established. SSL acceleration or offloading is a process where some or all of this process is "subcontracted" to an SSL accelerator for processing.

Depending on the type of SSL accelerator employed, sometimes hundreds of transactions can be processed in a single second. An SSL accelerator, like the one used in Radware products, can handle hundreds of encryption transactions per second, significantly alleviating the stress on the main server, which on-average, encounters thousands of unencrypted transactions in that same time period.

Radware SSL Accelerator Options

Radware integrates SSL offloading into select application delivery products to improve application server optimization for greater accessibility and faster response times which translates into improved network performance optimization and fewer data communication delays between parties. Radware's Alteon is a SSL accelerator specifically designed to work alongside of other products in the APSolute family and address issues with server performance, response-time bottlenecks and server security risks. Also offering cutting edge SSL acceleration as well as other application delivery functionality, the AppDirector combines application performance and acceleration, local and global server availability and application security as well as complete infrastructure salability.

Learn more about Radware SSL acceleration today, including the Alteon. If you have any questions about what product is right for your company's needs, please feel free to contact us and a knowledgeable representative will return your request promptly.