Torshammer (Tor‘s Hammer)

Torshammer is a slow-rate HTTP POST (Layer 7) DoS tool created by The first public occurrence of this tool dates back to early 2011.

Torshammer executes a DoS attack by using a classic slow POST attack, where HTML POST fields are transmitted in slow rates under the same session (actual rates are randomly chosen within the limit of 0.5-3 seconds).

Similar to the former R.U.D.Y. (R-U-Dead-Yet) tool, the slow POST attack causes the web server application threads to await the end of boundless posts in order to process them. This causes the exhaustion of the web server resources and causes it to enter a denial-of-service state for any legitimate traffic.

A new functionality added to Tor's Hammer is a traffic anonym capability. DoS a ttacks can be carried out through the Tor Network by using a native socks proxy integrated in Tor clients. This enables launching the attack from random source IP addresses, which makes tracking the attacker almost impossible

Though difficult to track, Radware is able to nullify a Tor's Hammer based attack and many other forms of DoS attacks. Learn more about protecting your site here.

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