DDoS Protection & DDoS Mitigation Solutions

DDoS Protection, Prevention and Mitigation Have Never Been More Critical

Cyber-attacks have become a way of life for organizations worldwide. Ninety-eight percent of organizations globally have reported experiencing a cyber-attack, according to research by Radware. Difficult to defend against and potentially costly, DDoS attacks can result in website and network outages, compromised data, and lost revenue for organizations both large and small.

DDoS attacks have become a commodity. Thanks to the availability of DDoS-as-a-Service tools on the Darknet, the increased vulnerability of IoT devices and the resulting rise of botnets, and financially-motivated hackers launching ransomware campaigns, DDoS assaults have never been as common, powerful or profitable. DDoS protection and DDoS mitigation solutions have never been more important.

Radware’s Attack Mitigation Solution: Evolving Threats and How Best to Stay Protected

DDoS attacks have changed dramatically over the past few years. Preparing for “common” DDoS attacks is no longer enough. With the growing online availability of attack tools and services the pool of possible attacks is larger than ever.

Learn about today’s evolving and dynamic threats, and see how Radware’s Attack Mitigation Solution combines all the necessary DDoS attack prevention services to make organizations resilient to cyberattacks with a single-vendor, hybrid DDoS security solution.

Radware’s powerful machine learning, combined with their hybrid DDoS mitigation solution allows us to get the best of both worlds – minimum human intervention and maximum peace of mind"

- Eric Thierry,
CISO, Manutan

DDoS Attack Prevention, Detection and DDoS Mitigation with AMS

For effective protection, a hybrid mitigation solution provides DDoS mitigation and DDoS attack prevention from a wide array of attack vectors. Radware’s Attack Mitigation Solution (AMS) integrates on-premise detection and DDoS mitigation solutions with cloud-based scrubbing services to provide end-to-end protection against multi-vector network and application attacks, and reduces TCO by eliminating the need to allocate resources to managing point solutions.

The Benefits of Radware’s Hybrid Attack Mitigation Solution

Mitigate Attacks in Real Time with Always-On DDoS Protection

AMS integrates Radware’s on-premise, real-time DDoS prevention and protection device, DefensePro, with the Hybrid Cloud DDoS Protection Service for volumetric attack protection and mitigation.

Minimal Time to Mitigate

Mitigating DDoS attacks starts in real time on-premise and has no lapse in protection if traffic is diverted to the cloud.

Widest Security Coverage

Mitigate an array of DDoS attacks, including multi-vector application and network attacks, server-based attacks, malware propagation and intrusion activities.

360° Visibility and Reporting

Active monitoring of the protected service or application and pipe saturation monitoring to notify customer’s when action is required. Retrospective attack analysis reports are available via a web-based service portal.

What’s Included in Radware’s Attack Mitigation Solution?

Hybrid DDoS Attack Prevention & Protection

Integrating Radware's on-premise, real-time DDoS protection solution, DefensePro, with Radware's Hybrid Cloud DDoS Attack Prevention and Protection Service for volumetric DDoS attack mitigation and protection.

Unmatched Web Application Security

Through Radware's Web Application Firewall,  AppWall, or Radware's  Cloud WAF Service - offering full web security protection including OWASP Top-10 coverage, advanced web attack protection and 0-day web attack protection.

Centralized Management & Reporting

Providing a single pane of glass to  manage and monitor all security components in a collaborative and consistent way.

Battle-Proven Emergency Response Team

24x7 security expert support for hands-on attack mitigation assistance during prolonged, multi-vector attacks.

Minimal-Latency SSL Attack Mitigation Solution

A patent-protected DDoS mitigation solution supports all common versions of SSL and TLS and protects from all types of encrypted attacks - including TCP SYN Floods, SSL Negotiation Floods, HTTPS Floods and Encrypted Web Attacks.

Full Suite of Cloud Security Services

Full range of  cloud WAF and DDoS protection solutions that can provide organizations optimal cloud protection services to meet the unique needs of their networks and applications.

Threat Intelligence Subscriptions

Complement your security with ongoing, customized emergency threat intelligence for real-time preemptive protection against known and unknown attacks.

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