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Radware Announces LinkProof: The First IP Load Balancing Solution for Networks with Multiple ISP Connection

 To ensure 7x24 availability many enterprises, e commerce sites and regional ISPs are utilizing multiple Internet router connections. The LinkProof by Radware (Nasdaq RDWR) is the first technology designed to intelligently load balance IP traffic between these "multi homed" sites,

Radware Announces Initial Public Offering

 Radware Ltd. (Nasdaq RDWR) announced that it has commenced an initial public offering of 3,500,000 of its ordinary shares at an initial public offering price of $18 per share. Radware intends to use the net proceeds from the offering to

Axent Certifies Radware to Provide High Availability Load-Balancing Solution with FireProof for Raptor Firewall 6.0

AXENT Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AXNT) has certified Radware as their strategic "Security" Partner to offer a hardware-based dynamic high availability, load-balancing solution which combines the Radware FireProof system and the AXENTTM Raptor* Firewall 6.0. Radware is the only hardware load-balancing vendor certified by AXENT. The solution combines multiple Raptor Firewalls with FireProof. This allows network administrators to build load balanced firewall farms to eliminate potential firewall bottlenecks and possible single points of failure. This solution will dramatically reduce vulnerabilities in critical e-business efforts.

Radware Announces Technology Partnership with Starburst Software

Today Radware announced that its award winning family of IP load balancing products (Web Server Director Pro+/DS/NP) are interoperable with StarBurst Software’s OmniCast™ technology. When deploying Radware’s load balancing technology in conjunction with StarBurst Software’s content distribution software, network administrators can now efficiently manage and monitor content replication, control bandwidth utilization and eliminate single points of failure and bottlenecks with local and/or global IP load balancing. Radware’s family of hardware based products relieve the congestion of IP Internet/intranet/extranet sites through intelligent IP load balancing. Radware products add scalability, optimization of resources and fault tolerance to server farms located locally or globally.</p>
<p>StarBurst Software offers a revolutionary solution that manages the distribution of content, such as multimedia, play lists, QOS permissions, business data, web content, software and more, over broadband, wireless, satellite, intranet, Internet IP networks. OmniCast is unique since it provides a transport engine and applications to manage synchronized content while it also guarantees distribution to hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of receivers in the time it takes for other products to distribute to one location. StarBurst’s content distribution solution requires no change to network infrastructure and lets the user control bandwidth utilization. StarBurst products can simultaneously distribute content to any receiver over any IP network, regardless of network type, operating system, number of receivers, or content size

Maximize Security By Unlocking Firewall Performance

Radware announces the release of version 1.3 for FireProof™, its award winning firewall load balancing switch-based appliance. First released in Q2 of 1998 FireProof was the first load balancer designed to intelligently distribute traffic between an array of firewalls/VPNs or routers. Since that time, numerous Fortune 500 companies and many major firewall vendors worldwide have adopted FireProof to provide high availability security solutions. FireProof is a layer 3 – 7 hardware load balancing system that provides scalability, optimization and fault tolerance for firewall and VPN farms.

Radware's Cache Server Director (CSD) Version 1.3 Now Supports Transparent Caches/Proxie

Radware announces the release of version 1.3 for its Cache Server Director (CSD), an intelligent cache server management and load balancing device. The new version enhancements are designed to increase the CSD’s versatility and increase its compatibility with the major cache server vendors. The CSD is an IP load balancing switch designed for use in environments that deploy multiple cache servers. The CSD sits logically between user groups and the Internet. It intercepts user requests and redirects them to the most available Cache server. It optimizes cache resources by intelligently load balancing between servers, detecting server failure and eliminating duplication of content.

Radware and WebTrends Announce Strategic Partnership on Server Farm Management

Radware, a leader in load balancing and high availability solutions, and WebTrends Corporation (Nasdaq:WEBT), the leader and pioneer in enterprise management and reporting for Internet-based systems, today announced a joint initiative to provide best of breed solutions for server farm management. The combined solution provides Radware's high availability and load balancing with WebTrends market leading traffic analysis, management and reporting for Internet-based server clusters. The companies will be promoting the joint solution to each of their customer bases, beginning with the bundling of trial evaluations of WebTrends enterprise reporting products with Radware's load balancing solutions.

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