Carding Fraud

Prevent Carding and Payment Fraud in real time with Radware Bot Manager

Detect and Block Credit Card, Gift Card, and Loyalty Program Fraud

The Impact of Carding Fraud

Payment cards, online wallet balances, virtual currencies, reward points, gift cards, and air miles are all very vulnerable to fraud. Attackers deploy sophisticated bots to carry out credential stuffing and credential cracking attacks to identify valid accounts which can be targeted for fraud, cashed out, or used to make unauthorized purchases.

Preventing bot attacks on payment systems is crucial for any organization that relies on online transactions, as it directly impacts customer satisfaction, brand reputation, and revenue.

We onboarded Bot Manager in the midst of our peak season, and saw immediate results/benefits. Our customer’s experience are our top priority. By working with Radware we are able to better secure and improve the shopping experience

Daniel Padevet
Head of Web & IT Operations Team,

How Radware Bot Manager Protects Against Carding & Payment Fraud

Intent-Based Deep Behavior Analysis

Radware’s bot detection engine uses our patented Intent-based Deep Behavior Analysis (IDBA) and semi-supervised machine learning techniques, device fingerprinting, user behavior modelling, and collective bot intelligence techniques for extremely accurate bot detection and minimal false positives.

Intent-Based Deep Behavior Analysis
Comprehensive Bot Detection

Comprehensive Bot Detection

Radware Bot Manager leverages device and browser fingerprinting, behavioral modelling, and dynamic Turing tests to block payment and card fraud.
Our JavaScript tag collects over 250 parameters for analysis to ensure accurate bot detection with minimal false positives for a superior user experience.

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How Card and Payment Fraud Impacts Enterprises

When stolen or cracked payment cards are used by criminals, businesses can incur significant losses in terms of lost products and services and may also be liable for chargebacks and penalties. Radware Bot Manager prevents malicious bots from targeting payments and checkout pages to eliminate payment fraud and other types of bot attacks.

Criminals can deploy bots to easily crack tokens used in coupons, vouchers, gift-cards, and loyalty bonuses. Bot Manager collects over 250 parameters from the end user’s browser to identify and block even sophisticated bots that can mimic real user behavior as they attempt to carry out gift card fraud and token cracking activities.

Excessive chargebacks can result in termination of a merchant’s account, and gift card/ loyalty voucher fraud can seriously erode customers’ trust in a retailer. Bot Manager’s Intent-based Deep Behavior Analysis (IDBA) technology detects even the most sophisticated bots in real time to prevent payment and card fraud attempts.

Payment card verification queries are usually levied a fee by banks or payment processors. When large numbers of invalid queries are made by bots, an enterprise can incur significant losses. Moreover, banking and payment processing partners can even choose to prevent a merchant that makes too many invalid queries from using their services, directly impacting its revenue.


The Types of Carding Fraud Prevented by Radware Bot Manager

Credit/ Debit Card Fraud

Criminals deploy bots on merchant’s payments pages to either test stolen card numbers, using credential stuffing and brute force attacks to gain account access.

Gift Card/ Loyalty Program Fraud

Fraudsters deploy bots to crack gift cards and tokens, cash out stored currencies, decipher valid coupon numbers,voucher codes, and other forms of stored value.


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