DDoS Attack Symptoms

A DDoS attack can disable your website, damage customer relationships, and make internal work impossible. Attacks can occur randomly, or as retaliation for perceived slights to an internet group. No matter the reason behind the attack, it can be a devastating occurrence for your business. If you don't have a dedicated defense against these attacks, such as Radware DefensePro, you are vulnerable.

There are a variety of symptoms that can represent a DDoS attack on your network. Recognizing them can help mitigate the damage.

1. Increase in Emails

Some attacks will overload your network with spam emails. If you or employees notice a dramatic uptick in spam emails appearing, it may mean you are the target of a mail bomb attack.

2. Slow Servers

As the attack takes place, your servers will slow down. Servers will respond in minutes instead of seconds or sometimes not at all. You may receive "too many connections" error notices when attempting to navigate. A slow server doesn't always mean a DDoS attack, though - it could be old equipment or a natural spike in traffic from a news event.

3. Slow Computer Performance

A DDoS attack may target a specific machine on the network. In this case, the user will notice slow performance. It may take longer to perform routine tasks as the machine is overloaded with requests from the attack.

Stopping a DDoS Attack

Once the attack has begun, it may be too late to stop. If you are running an updated Intrusion Prevention System or DoS Mitigation Engine like Radware DefensePro, you will be able to prevent the attack from taking place. Using real-time signature detection, these solutions will stop the incoming requests and prevent the network from being shut down. Without an integrated security solution in place, you have little recourse for stopping an attack. You could unplug machines from the network to prevent a spread, or you could shut down your network - which is the same result the attack is aiming for.

A DDoS attack may have recognizable symptoms like a cold or flu, and like those, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Explore your attack mitigation options with security solutions from Radware, and learn more about potential threats to your network today at DDoSWarriors.com