Business Transaction Monitoring

The observation and analysis of an organization's online business transactions. Collects real-time data regarding user and business activity in order for organizations to protect against fraud and identity theft, offer new products and optimize other online business processes.

Business transaction monitoring can help companies manage, maintain and grow their business process on the web. Obtaining actionable data regarding online transactions as they happen is especially important for e-commerce businesses because it allows for a faster response time to business-critical information. Organizations employing an identity-based, pervasive monitoring system can benefit from real-time data on user and business activity. Instead of costly business application integration or lengthy batch processing activities, web transaction monitoring synchronizes an organization's data centers to its most important business needs. By capturing every transaction that occurs on business' online channels and dynamically feeding each piece of data into the appropriate system, this monitoring system of real-time business intelligence will give organizations the ability to take full advantage of streamlined business processes such as transaction assurance and detection of fraudulent online behavior. Along with protecting an organization's online processes, transaction monitoring can help deliver better ROI and additional data providing a clearer overall understanding of business-levels procedures.