Web Transaction Monitoring

The process in which a company's online business transactions are closely observed and analyzed in a real-time environment. This collection of data allows companies to view user and business activity on the web so as to defend against potential security, fraud or theft issues, enhance the customer experience, and advance the development of new products and services,.

In order for organizations to effectively manage and maintain their online business practices, as well as prepare for future initiatives, actionable data must be obtained and readily available for analysis. With the utilization of web transaction monitoring, businesses have the ability to monitor traffic and study how it impacts different aspects of their operation. Not only do identity-based, pervasive monitoring systems provide companies with useful data regarding online business transactions, but they perform this action in real-time, allowing for faster responses with business-critical information. By synchronizing an organization's data centers to the business needs it finds most important, transaction monitoring captures data on web activity as it happens. Without the need for lengthy batch processing or costly business application integration, web transaction monitoring dynamically feeds each piece of information into the appropriate system, providing streamlined, intelligent business practices. This real-time data capture, along with protection from identity theft and fraud, makes online transaction monitoring a vital component of any business system.