Application Virtualization

Virtualization is a computing term that refers to the abstraction of computer resources or a technique for hiding the physical aspects of computing resources from systems, applications, or end users’ interactions. This means that a single physical resource (such as a server or storage device) functions as multiple logical resources, or that multiple physical resources function as a single logical entity.

Radware offers a selection of application virtualization solutions that you can harness for your business.

Deploying a virtual infrastructure is transparent from a user experience perspective. This provides IT managers with the tools to manage resources cost-effectively across the enterprise, enabling them to be more responsive to dynamic business needs as well as to better utilize physical infrastructure investments.

Application virtualization separates the application configuration layer from the operating system. It enables applications to run on clients –desktops, servers and laptops – without actually being installed on them, and to be administered from a central location. This has huge implications for everything from patch and upgrade management to deploying and terminating applications.

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On non-networked clients, applications, settings and operating systems are typically installed and run on the client itself. When dealing with an entire network of clients feeding off the servers in a data center while accessing applications locally or via a remote location, the process differs. With the help of application virtualization, files and settings are accessed and launched from particular network devices without the need of the installation process. The clients still retain complete functionality, but instead, are installed and stored in a virtualization layer within a data center server.

Server Virtualization

Server virtualization, also known as hardware virtualization, is a much talked about subject in today’s IT world because of the potential for significant economic benefits. Server virtualization enables multiple operating systems to run on a single physical machine as virtual machines (VMs). With server virtualization, it is possible to consolidate workloads of underutilized server machines onto a smaller number of fully utilized machines. Fewer physical machines can lead to reduced costs through lower hardware, energy, and management overhead, plus the creation of a more dynamic and robust IT infrastructure. This in turn, benefits the end user with applications becoming more available and performance enhanced.

Though servers should also be equipped with the appropriate security protocols needed to protect functionality, server threats are evolving every day. In the event that an attack does cause a server to lose its ability to function, proper steps need to be taken to ensure server virtualization remains intact. Organizations need available failover systems to pick up surplus application virtualization traffic that is normally dedicated to the virtual servers, while the affected servers undergo repair.

Radware Application Virtualization Solutions

When your organization needs a way to increase the performance of its network and allow high-availability of application resources and business-critical data in an application and server virtualization environment, Radware’s application delivery solution is the answer. Radware’s application delivery devices seamlessly integrate into virtual server environments, regardless of the virtualization technology in use. Integrating Radware into a virtual server environment dramatically increases the overall gained business value. Radware ensures full application availability, dynamic and transparent scalability, accelerated response time despite server virtualization overhead, enhanced application security and optimized management. Not only does Radware’s application delivery solution overcome the challenges of a virtual server environment, but it also eliminates the costs associated with application downtime and improves employee productivity. Radware’s application delivery solution also transforms a virtual server environment into a real application virtualization environment, enabling further cost savings, as well as the flexibility and ease of data center consolidation.

Radware’s Application Delivery suite includes:

  • AppDirector: This intelligent application delivery controller (ADC) for the data center enables high local and global server availability, optimized application performance, application security and infrastructure scalability.
  • AppXcel: This application accelerator features Web compression, secure socket layer (SSL) offloading, HTTP multiplexing, TCP optimization, image optimization, caching and Web firewall capabilities for heightened security as well as the fastest application and transaction response times.
  • AppXML: This comprehensive XML gateway is designed specifically to help customers tackle the performance and security challenges of deploying web services and service oriented architectures (SOA)
  • Alteon: This SSL offloading, application delivery and application virtualization solutions helps improve the efficiency of your network and business.

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