Server Consolidation

When an organization is looking for a way to cut expenditure costs, comply with server regulatory pressures and prevent server sprawl, server consolidation is the answer. While server consolidation can take a variety of forms, the typical method involves reducing the number of servers or server locations utilized within an organization's data center.

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Another common data center consolidation approach utilizes the technique of virtualization to maximize server efficiency without added hardware. By implementing server consolidation strategies such as these, organizations can improve business agility while aligning strategic IT infrastructure investments with business imperatives.

Businesses who take advantage of the benefits of server consolidation expect a better level of application delivery performance than before the consolidation process. Organizations undergoing data center consolidation place great importance on network speed and flexibility. A newly consolidated network should offer round-the-clock availability, end-to-end performance monitoring and business scalability. With the right application delivery tools and data center consolidation, organizations can utilize a superior quality network and achieve present and future business goals.

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Data Center Consolidation

In order for an organization to justify the use of all the servers within its data center, each server must be functioning at an optimal rate. For many companies, this is not the scenario: Many data centers are over-provisioned to meet anticipated peaks or business growth and therefore contain under-utilized servers that operate at a low capacity and consume more resources than necessary. The answer to this problem is server consolidation. By sharing services (commonly grouped data center functions) amongst fewer servers, data centers can do away with excess hardware. This in turn will cut operating costs; reduce power consumption, space and cooling needs; and maximize resource availability and asset utilization.

As an organization undergoes server consolidation, it can also provide enhanced performance through server virtualization. This involves splitting a server into separate virtual layers. These new layers can then serve applications and information to a larger number of users than a normal server. Utilizing this method of server consolidation can provide greater availability to those accessing a network at a central office, remote location, or from a mobile device.

Radware Server Consolidation Solutions

If your company or enterprise is in need of a way to make your business network and data center more flexible in today's global workplace, Radware offers server consolidation solutions to help. Our “business-smart” application delivery products are designed to increase your organization's data center performance, help decrease server costs, and provide optimal availability to end-users around the globe. For questions or more information about Radware's server consolidation solutions please contact us and a knowledgeable Radware representative will answer promptly.