Web Transaction Monitoring

For organizations that have shifted their business processes to the web, or are in the process of doing so, implementing a web transaction monitoring solution provides actionable, real-time data for online business applications and transactions. This monitoring system is an extremely important component for all e-commerce businesses, providing IP-based network traffic at wire speeds to back-end analytic engines in order to deliver real-time, identity-based pervasive monitoring of user and business activity. With this real-time access to critical data, organizations can take full advantage and optimize all their business processes and enhance the customer experience. From protecting against identity theft and online fraud – to offering new products and services in no time – web transaction monitoring can improve and streamline the way an organization does business.

Through online, network-based pervasive business transaction monitoring, companies can easily deliver readily available, real-time business-level events to back-end analytics systems. The right web transaction monitoring solution requires no time-consuming batch processing or costly integration of business applications. Instead, it should provide instant access to actionable information by connecting the infrastructure of an organization's data centers to important business needs. This increased functionality will enable vital business capabilities such as transaction assurance, real-time business intelligence and detection of fraudulent online behavior.

Real-Time Business Transaction Monitoring

Properly analyze business activity with the real-time data capture abilities of web transaction monitoring. Quality monitoring solutions capture all transactions from web channels and dynamically feed appropriate transaction data into the relevant systems. While helping to deliver faster ROI at lower costs, this data will provide a clearer understanding of business-level events than standard log information. Unlike batch-dependent Business Intelligence (BI) approaches, the goal is to drive the real-time enterprise and avoid providing lagging data back to the organization. A highly scalable, easily configurable, and non-invasive web transaction monitoring therefore offers a compelling, alternative approach to expensive Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) based data mining methods.

Radware Web Transaction Monitoring Solution

When an organization is looking to capture real-time data for a high level of business intelligence, Radware provides a web transaction monitoring solution to help increase the visibility of all business-level events and data. Radware’s web transaction monitoring solution, Inflight™, is built upon patent-pending technology, the Capture-Transform-Feed (CTF) architecture, that captures all in flight (HTTP, HTTPS) traffic between the user and the web servers, transforms the raw data into useful business events, and immediately feeds real-time business-level events to back-end applications, enabling the real-time, event-driven enterprise. It is an ideal solution for Heads of eCommerce or Online Channels, Enterprise Architects, Line-of-Business Owners and IT managers alike. With Inflight, actionable data is available for a multitude of business uses including:

  • Compliance/Logging
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Fraud Management
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Complex Event Processing (CEP) for Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Web Analytics
  • Marketing Systems

Inflight’s ease of deployment, no application instrumentation and multiple uses creates a high value proposition for any business with an online presence. Reacting to each transaction as it occurs allows organizations to make business decisions faster, resulting in a better user experience, improved enterprise security and increased revenue generation. And, real-time event feeds are delivered with zero latency, with no database or data warehousing required. This enables real-time event correlation, a task previously unachievable, but highly desired.

For questions or more information about our web transaction monitoring solution, please contact us and a knowledgeable Radware representative will answer promptly.